Nature's beauties #1: Lavender

As we mentioned in our previous post, we will try to look at ingredients - one by one - in our natural beauty products to show you how useful and brilliant they are.

Let's start it with an easy one :) Lavender...

How do we imagine blogging?

Hi Everybody,

We took few days off from blogging to figure out how we will do this going forward :)

Please, let us introduce ourselves

As you probably noticed, we are a new business, trying to establish old roots in a new country and introducing you to traditionally natural beauty products. We trust once you get to know our products, you will be as satisfied as we and a whole other country are. Our natural cosmetic products are made in Hungary, where they are so popular (and it is not just us thinking that :)), so we thought, why not show you what is already working for so many other people!

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