About us

These are stories about us, why we exist, what we try to achieve and what our mission is. Hopefully, soon enough, you will be able to realise why we are so passionate for our natural beauty products and we would love to see you sharing our joy in using them.

How do we imagine blogging?

Hi Everybody,

We took few days off from blogging to figure out how we will do this going forward :)

Please, let us introduce ourselves

As you probably noticed, we are a new business, trying to establish old roots in a new country and introducing you to traditionally natural beauty products. We trust once you get to know our products, you will be as satisfied as we and a whole other country are. Our natural cosmetic products are made in Hungary, where they are so popular (and it is not just us thinking that :)), so we thought, why not show you what is already working for so many other people!

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