Please, let us introduce ourselves

We have a passion for cosmetics, but not for all kind of cosmetics! We only love beauty products close to nature, which are not full of artificial ingredients and which we know, won't have unknown long-lasting effects on our skin and body. 

We started using the natural beauty products offered in our online shop first time because as every fifth person in the world in our age, we have truly sensitive skin, with all imaginable skin problems from acne to rosacea and eczema. 

A mini story from one of us:

"When I was younger, I felt dreadful because I could only use creams from the pharmacy, nothing fancy, nothing which smells or looks good. I envied all my friends who could try everything on, without becoming totally red the next day. And then, I found two fabulous companies whose focus was those woeful ones like me and they produce natural beauty products for people with even very sensitive skin. "

Our two manufacturers:

Yamuna has started off as a small manufacturing business in a hidden town in Hungary. They wanted to express their love of nature in soaps which they produced at their home. This was so successful that soon they had to expand their production, involve many others with the same interest and grow from a soap manufacturer to a genuine cosmetic company with nature in the centre of their every thought. We love their products for so many reasons: the ingredients are blessings from nature, they smell splendid, and they look just fabulous. And, of course, they do what they supposed to do: if we talk about cream for sensitive skin, you won't get disappointed, and your skin will be so grateful for every drop, you won't be able to stop using it! They didn't leave their roots in soaps, and they make phenomenal soap bars with extraordinary smell and ingredients. Just make sure, you don't just enjoy their natural cosmetics because of the scent, but your focus is on their effect as well which is just as immense as the smell.

The rest of our products come from a long-established Hungarian company, Aromax, whose focus is on natural essential and massage oils. In our hectic world, where stress is not even a phenomenon, but something which is running through our nerves every day, unfortunately, we need a retreat to somewhere. This is how we found aromatherapy and especially natural aromatherapy. Please, if you want to get rid of your stress using alternative methods, just think of why you started that process and only use natural products to do it and do not buy any artificial electronic gadget which supposedly will help you fall asleep for some unknown reason. If you manage to find devotedly natural products (like ours :)), this is when you will feel the real difference. You do not need anything else just the right combination of oils, and you will feel like walking in an ancient forest with birds chirping, sun shining through the gorgeous green leaves and you can straight away let the steam out and feel like a renewed person. This is what we felt when we found Aromax many many years ago - and since then, this still works for us.

We genuinely trust our products and believe they work for you the same way how they work for us, so we are extremely excited to share this joy with you and pave the way for an easier life for you.

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